Hurricane Sandy – Back to Basics

With no electricity, heat or water for the last 4 days due to hurricane Sandy, we have gone back to basics. We had to visit our neighbors to charge our cell phones or get water for cooking. Luckily we have a gas stove, so we were able to cook and have good meals. We also had a working fireplace that kept the downstairs of our home warm. Night times in our bedrooms upstairs were very cold but we were able to boil pots of water to take pseudo baths. Luckily we had filled our bathtub with water.

We waited on line for almost 2 hours to get gas in our cars. We were only allowed $40 worth of gas for each car. Mine was on E and we were thinking that if we did not get electricity back by the next day, we would need to drive to New York to get my 84 year old Mom to warmth. We also had to drive to Long Branch a 40 minutes drive, to take my niece to take milk to Baby Caleb at the Neo Natal Intensive Care unit at Monmouth Medical Center. Baby Caleb arrived earlier than expected weighing 1 lb 14 oz on October 5th. We were happy to see that he is now breathing on his own with some help and had gained almost another lb. It is vital to get him breast milk on a regular basis. Most of the hospital was in darkness as only one generator was working. We had to walk up the stairs as the main elevators were out. The streets around the hospital were blocked off since it was only a few blocks from the Jersey Shores at Long Branch but we  were happy to see that the staff in the unit  were just as dedicated as ever even though some of them had damages to their homes and had no electricity.

It was a dangerous drive to the medical center, as most of the street lights were out and folks were quite confused at major intersections. Many of the side streets were blocked off and many of the towns we drove through were without electricity. Many of the towns, including ours had curfews from 7p.m. to 7 a.m. that we were unaware of, since we had no TV or radios.

With an elderly parent that needed her medication stored in the refrigerator and a new Mom that had to store breast milk for her baby, we really needed to get our electricity back. We tried to purchase a generator but the lines were extremely long at Home Depot. Hubby went by at 6 a.m. this morning but had no luck, although he was able to get some much needed batteries and some red gas containers. We bought the containers with  the hopes that we would be able to purchase the much needed generator.

As we drove back home from getting our portioned gas, we saw huge fallen trees all over the neighborhood. Some had fallen on electrical wires, hence the power outages. Some fell in our yard but luckily they were beyond our fence and caused no harm.

The lights came on close to 8 p.m. tonight and we are so thankful! Now that we have electricity and can see the news and the devastation around our area in Ocean County and the Jersey Shores, we are truly grateful that we did not sustain much damage and pray for those who have lost their homes. It is really sad to see some of our favorite spots in Belmar, Spring Lakes, Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights and Atlantic City totally devastated. Our hearts go out to all the families who have lost their homes, loved ones and businesses. We pray that God will give them the strength to stay strong during these hard times. Blessings and Grace.

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