Words of Wisdom – Go where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated

You need to have a no stick anointment !!
The more people talk about you the higher God will take you!! Just know that not everyone will be happy for your success. Everyone will not like you or understand you. Don’t allow the negative distractions prevent you from getting your favor.
Human nature longs for acceptance and approval but know that not everyone will celebrate your success. You will never please everyone.  Some people are just not happy… So they cannot be happy for you. Be responsible with the gifts that God gives you. Don’t try to use the gift that God gives you to try and convince everyone to like you. If they don’t accept you.. Shake it off and go where you are celebrated. Even Jesus’ brothers were critical of him – so he went where he was celebrated, healing the sick and feeding the poor.
Go where you are celebrated not where you are tolerated!! Don’t be critical of those that are critical of you. Don’t let their poison get inside of you. God always give you the grace for the season you are in. You don’t need their approval – you have Gods approval!! Fulfill your destiny- despite those that are critical of you
 Joel Osteen 11/4/2012

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