Tithing is a test?

Tithing is a Test!!
God developed tithing to test us. Whenever we get paid we are tested by God. If you pass the test you are blessed… If you fail, you are cursed.
Do you want to live under a blessing or a curse?

If you want to be blessed then you must give God his 10% first. Not Con Ed or the phone company or the mortgage company… God should get the first check, not the mortgage company. If not, you will be cursed.
Stop robbing God by not paying your tithes…Malachi 3:8

God has the power to bless your finances…the mortgage company does not have that power.. Therefore before you pay any of your bills… give God his 10% so that he can bless and multiply the 90% that is yours.

The question is….Do you have faith that God will bless the 90% that’s left?

In Malachi 3: 10 “God says … Test me and see if I don’t open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, you don’t have enough room to receive!”

Some ask the question… Do I tithe on my gross or my net?
Ask yourself…Do you want him to bless all your finances or just a part?

People who tithe will always say … “I am so blessed”
Non-tithers say ..” I can’t afford to tithe”

There is no limit with how God will bless you if you tithe!!

Blessings and grace…..Finally Reid

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  1. Samantha Murdock

    I am currently learning this lesson of life. My parents always told me ‘Sam, make sure you save…save for a rainy day…put your money aside. ..you never know what you will need it for in the future.” Growing up and learning from my trials and tribulations, I can NOW (at 25yrs old) say I have a clear vision and understanding of what they were talking about. You couldn’t have said it any better Mrs.Windross, save a good percentage for the Almighty. I now interpret “saving for a rainy day” in a more in a positive and spiritual perspective. Why not give back to the creator!10% is the least we could do in comparison to all ‘He’ has blessed us with. I currently do not sign with any denomination but I believe there is an almighty spirit that I connect with….God has kept me sane and appreciative of everything, even through my rough times in life. I am still a college student, unemployed, struggle with bills and tuition but I don’t fear nor hold anger or negativity in my heart and soul. My dad (your good friend George lol) always taught me this lesson in life ” DON’T EVER STRESS AND WORRY OVER MONEY….just continue to move forward (even if your pace is slow) don’t ever stop working towards your goals.God will bless you with the rest, on HIS TIME.WHICH IS ALWAYS THE RIGHT TIME. So when I have my children later in life when I am a lot more stable and situated, I will not tell them to “save for a rainy day”. Instead, I will tell my children to “Save for God, and he will continue to bless you with even better days!” ….. Thank you Mrs. Windross….~Peace & Blessings~


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