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Marcia – What a terrific party…what a terrific book…what a terrific lady…Thank you so much for the book…it is inspirational for me on two levels, the fact that you’re here to tell the tale and as an inspiration for me to go forward with my plan for a book…Hope you are OK and survived the storm with minimal damage and inconvenience…we were lucky, lucky, lucky…when I see what has happened to some people I could weep… Again my thanks and good luck with the book…Fondly,  Jackie, New York


Marcia – I started reading your book at 8 p.m. and I could not put it down. I completed it at 3 a.m. This is a first as I usually start so many books and never finish but this was so good… Bernadine, NJ


I received the book in the mail this morning, and I just finished reading it. I will be giving this book as Christmas present. This is an inspirational and well written book. I enjoyed the fact that you embraced who you are and your struggles to be you. Well done! This is a must read for my 3 teenage sons. Debbie, Florida


Marcia, read your book, cover to cover (thanks to Sandy and the lack of electricity and TV). To say the least, it was good. Had no expectations, really, but I could not put it down. You really had some adventures and you capture them well. Not to mention the challenges and anxieties of being a single mother (with which I can really relate). And your FAITH, like a fortress!! Great stuff. Nuff success and blessings!!   Sharon, Jamaica


Marcia, started reading the book on my flight back…could not put it down…sorry when the flight ended..but I finished it tonight. Absolutely awesome, great job…congratulations, much success! An inspiring piece of reading. Opal, NJ



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  1. Samantha Murdock

    Successful(spiritually & externally) Strong Black woman, God Fearing, intellect! BEAUTIFUL ! YOU GO GIRL!!! YOUR MESSAGE TO THE WORLD IS POWERFUL!


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