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Finally Reid: The Extraordinary Testimonies of an Ordinary Woman is the life journey of a little girl from the poor and rural hills of the island of Jamaica, chronicling her struggles with epilepsy as a young girl, as a student with Attention Deficit Disorder; and as a child not knowing her father and feeling rejected when he finally appeared. It also tells of her fulfilling her dream of moving to New York, her marriage to a dark handsome waiter and his torrid affairs, and his involvement with the illegal drug trafficking trade.

This is the story of many women and the issues, hurt and unforgiveness they carry around daily. It’s the story of discovering one’s purpose in life and recognizing that it’s all right to let go of all the old hurts, learning to forgive others, and most importantly, learning to forgive oneself.

With the acceptance of herself and recognizing that all these experiences made her the very strong woman that she is today, in Finally Reid: The Extraordinary Testimonies of an Ordinary Woman, the author shares her many testimonies of how God continues to bless her as she finally recognizes that he had been carrying her all along.

Published by WheelMan Press.

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